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A vibrant, mixed-use urban community with an eclectic mix of residential and commercial land uses topped off with riverfront views and a variety of parks, plazas and open space.

Mixed-Use Urban Living at River’s Edge

Adopted in 2011, the River District Specific Plan envisions a vibrant, mixed-use community connected to the surrounding neighborhoods by a network of local streets, light rail transit, and bicycle and pedestrian pathways.

The River District will be bordered by a ribbon of parks at the river’s edge and have a wide range of employment, entertainment and housing options for families and individuals. It will be home to existing commercial and light industrial uses and to new development as it transitions to a mix of residential, office, retail and commercial infill.

With the American and Sacramento rivers serving as defining features, the redevelopment of this former industrial district will embrace its rivers, creating both economic and social benefits for the region.

Specific Plan

Goals set by the River District Specific Plan include:

  • Create a sense of place
  • Stimulate economic growth
  • Maximize connectivity
  • Support all transportation modes
  • Encourage mixed-use development
  • Provide a variety of urban living options
  • Provide enhanced community facilities and amenities
  • Engage the rivers and foster open space opportunities
  • Encourage sustainable development

The River District boasts the best that Sacramento has to offer: urban living; direct access to natural settings and healthy lifestyle activities along the American and Sacramento rivers; proximity to Downtown and local employment centers; and the convenience of Light Rail and regional public transportation offering easy access within the Sacramento region and beyond.


Strategic Plan

Completed in 2024, the River District’s Strategic Plan, “Confluence: The Joining of Sacramento and its Riverfront” sets an ambitious and environmentally-consious vision for the future. Balancing our natural assets with needed development of housing and commercial enterprises, the plan will guide the direction of the organization over the next decade.

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