The River District

Building. Investing. Connecting.

Building. Investing. Connecting.

Principles and Goals Unique Vision

Character and Design Guide and Define the Unique Vision

The River District Specific Plan guiding principles and goals will guide the development of the District. They establish a framework for the future of the River District.

Guiding Principles

The River District's unique character and design will provide a sense of place.

The River District will be comprised of distinct neighborhoods with unique personalities.

The River District’s desirable location will support its diverse and robust economy.

The River District will maximize connectivity – north/south and east/west – and support all transportation modes.

The River District will be a model for Sustainable Development.

The River District Specific Plan will support strategies to improve safety and social conditions.

The scenic environment and livability of the River District will be enhanced through the development of public parks, open space, trails and outstanding community facilities and amenities.


Land Use

  • Encourage a compatible mix of uses that provide goods and services meeting the regular needs of residents and employees.
  • Create a River District that is safe and inviting.
  • Encourage subareas to grow as distinct neighborhoods with unique characteristics and atmosphere.
  • Eliminate obstacles to development.
  • Allow development in the River District to take place over time, respecting its eclectic nature.


  • Allow individual neighborhoods within the River District to develop unique identities.
  • Provide a range of housing choices attractive to families and individuals at all income levels.

Historic Resources

  • Encourage the adaptive reuse of historic properties.


  • Maximize vehicle and pedestrian/bicycle connections within and between the River District and surrounding
  • North 14th Street.
  • Prioritize public infrastructure investment to stimulate further economic investment.
  • Implement innovative approaches to solving traffic control problems.
  • Support freeway improvements that will reinforce the Specific Plan circulation network.
  • Support adding new and improving existing river crossings for all modes of travel.
  • Maximize public transit connections within the River District.
  • Provide pedestrian and bicycle paths, lanes and routes suitable for recreational and commuting purposes.

Parks and Open Space

  • Provide a community park of ten acres or larger to serve the River District.
  • Provide neighborhood parks within one-half mile of all residences in the River District.
  • Provide parks, open spaces and gathering areas easily accessible to the employees working in the District.
  • Seek opportunities to maximize public spaces through partnerships for joint use facilities.
  • Activate the River District’s connection to the rivers.
  • Create active and passive points of interest along the American and Sacramento Rivers.
  • Respect riparian habitat, critical environmental areas, and views of the River.
  • Create an open space transition zone between the river and private development.
  • Create safe parks and riverfront environments.

Community Services

  • Provide for appropriate levels of public safety within the River District.
  • Provide adequate school programming to serve the anticipated students.

Utility Infrastructure

  • Reduce water consumption and wastewater flows by implementing conservation techniques.
  • Ensure that new development and infrastructure projects apply resource conservation techniques that reduce overall energy demand and promote air and water quality improvements.

Economic Engine

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